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About Arceate

We are an innovation firm striving to keep people safe from the worst global diseases. We focus on building effective, accessable, and environmentally friendly methods of disease prevention. We have already created three products to prevent the spread of malaria, the spread of coronavirus and aid the blind. We are a growing company, always looking to help the next family.


How We're Different

What to Expect From Arceate Health Innovation


Highly Effective

We do one thing, disease prevention, and we do it well. All of our products go through extensive testing to ensure that everything we produce is safe and effective. Our guarantee is that we are providing the best protection to keep you and your family safe from global diseases.


Cost is often a key reason why individuals are unable to get the resources they need to stay safe from diseases.  All of our products are designed to be easily and effectively manufactured and therefore cost effective. Arceate Health Innovation strives to provide our solutions to anybody who needs it around the globe.

Above Earth

Globally Conscious

Not only do we provide access to disease prevention innovations around the globe, but all of our products are also manufactured focusing on sustainability. Whether that be using recycled materials, or finding more expensive manufacturers, Arceate Health Innovation keeps the Earth in mind. 

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