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Ghana, December 2022

Starting in December 2022, Arceate Health Innovation will be traveling to Kumasi, Ghana, and delivering 1500 mosquito nets and 1000 mosquito net repair kits to three different communities. 

Image by Uriel SC

Distribute 1500 Brand-New Mosquito Nets

We would deliver 500 nets to each of the three communities. 


Quantify Mosquito Net Lifespan Increase

The first goal is to see how much longer mosquito nets can last after damage using our kit. 

Delivery Men

Distribute 1000 Malaria Prevention Kits

We will deliver 500 mosquito net repair kits to two of the three communities. 

Image by Isaac Smith

Quantify Overall Net Usage Rates

The second goal is to see if people are more likely to sleep under their net with our kit. 


Educate Communities

One of the communities will get in person education on how to use the kit and why its important.

Image by Егор Камелев

Visualize Malaria Trends

The final goal is to quantify the malaria trend changes that occur after distribution of our kit.

Uganda, Summer 2021

In June 2021, Arceate Health Innovation delivered 1000 kits across Mukono, Uganda to gauge community interest and find initial usage rates. Here is what we found.

net with hole.png

Overall Net Damage Rates

Over 40 percent of nets were damaged, with the average age being 9.2 months.


Widespread Community Acceptance 

97% committed to using our kit when their net gets damaged, with 64% using it within 6 months.

repaired net.png

Repairing Was Not Prevalent

Ninety percent of people had never attempted patching in the past. 

Image by Kimberly Farmer

Our Education Works

There was a 40% increase in the perceived level of importance regarding net repairs.

Image by Dustan Woodhouse

Nets Being Disposed

The primary motivation for discarding a net was the perception that it was too torn.

Image by Andrik Langfield

Long Lasting Solution

Their repairs are lasted over 12 months - and counting!

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